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It’s hard juggling your child’s regular school, outside activities, and family plans all at once to even think about investing time and money for English education. That’s why we’re offering it to you for free. By applying for our GSA Community Plan, your child receives the vital basics to start their English language journey. No class registrations, no schedule changes, no payment information needed.

About GSA Community Plan

What happens when you make education free.

Within our Community plan, your child will be able to find a variety of English activities, from pure academics to educational entertainment. Our academic team curates and creates content just for you, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

A library of English live programs, worksheets, TV shows, educational app recommendations, and much more awaits you.

Our Approach

Make the future happen today.

We focus on beginner English learning with a significant purpose, which is to develop a stable, functioning, and understanding of basic English skills. We call this the first 100 hours of English.

As with all starting points, the question always begins with

“How do I start?” “What class can my child take?”

You’re probably also asking:

“Why should I care so much about the first 100 hours?”

Firstly, learning a new language is not always about studying; educators all over the world agree that English exposure at an early age is the fundamental key for children to achieve English acquisition. Unlike older learners, when a young learner listens and observes spoken English, the brain processes language differently where sound and observation are the most vital aspects to ingest English easily. In addition, it will make it all the more easier to adapt to advanced English as they grow older. That is why we handle the first 100 hours - no doubt the most important hours of your child’s English learning - with tremendous care.

As our principle goes that it takes 2000 hours to successfully use English as a communication tool, it’s not the end of a student’s education that is the most vital part that we put our sole focus on; it’s the very beginning. So why not offer it for free?

Here is the full map including all of our services to encompass the first 100 hours

Community Plan Services

An education catalog like no other.

We take it upon ourselves to maintain what we present our students with nothing but the finest educational and easily accessible resources. Our assembled team of professional educators with years of comprehensive academic experience is the brain of our library of free English resources, meticulously packaging both online and offline resources as well as harvesting our Missions and Challenges. The process in which creation occurs is basically like a laboratory; we formulate the material, conduct the “English exposure approval test”, make provisions where it applies, neatly package the English Exposure-approved resource, and then send it off for students to enjoy.

Here are some of the free services you’ll acquire:

Daily Live Programs

Every day, your child can enjoy a multitude of live programs hosted by our GSA teachers. Whether your child wants to get creative with art, listen to live music, be amazed by science experiments, learn how to make simple meals, or join a good old-fashioned story reading, it has never been more easy, essential, and free for your child to be entertained and learn at the same time.

Skill-focused Missions and Challenges

What makes your Community plan more exciting is the unlimited amount of academic-based Missions and Challenges for your child to embark on any time of the day. Your child can complete as many as they wish to boost their English exposure and core skills in one day, and then fulfill other activities the next day. It’s that easy. So the next time you’re baffled with what to give your child to accrue some English learning, you will know exactly what to do.

Curated Content

Along with our original content is our curated collection of educational content selected from notable sources such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube, and Epic! Library to name a few. With selections made by our academic team, you will be in the know of what the most popular, fun, and educational content amongst native English-speaking children are for your child to enjoy.

Free Weekly Emails

Can’t find the time to pick a live program for your child to watch? Too busy to look through all the Missions and Challenges? Is there a weekly news update that you can see? Our weekly emails cover them all in one single place. Receive weekly news of what’s going on at GSA, see our featured picks of live programs to watch out for, highlighted Challenges for various levels, and recommended curated picks of the week.

Free English Assessment

When it comes to making sure all of our students are taken care of correctly regarding their English levels, we are undeniably committed. That’s why it is important for every student who enrolls in our Community plan to use our free English assessment so that we will know exactly what to recommend your child and provide a trajectory for your child’s English learning progress.

Digital Library

All Students in our Community Plan are given their own personal GSA Digital Library account where they can access a variety of classics, must-reads, and current popular books, available any time.

Consultation Every Step of the Way

While it sounds like a breeze through your child’s first 100 hours of English exposure with our plethora of educational content, it makes sense to face potential bumps on the road of learning. Our Student Relations team is here to aid you and your child through those potential bumps and offer guidance to overcome them. Receive customized Missions, individual recommendations from our curated library, and an overall plan for how to get your child started.

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Online English Progress Page

You’re probably wondering how you can possibly track all hours of your child’s English exposure, and that it’s ridiculous that we’re recommending such a thing. You can stop worrying right now; we have that covered too.

Meet Your New Assistant

Every single student at GSA is given their own online English progress page, where you will find our live schedule, all Missions and Challenges, and most importantly, your child’s total number of English exposure hours.

Activity Breakdown

This page will show all the details of your child’s daily, weekly, and monthly accumulation of English hours, a breakdown of where your child receives their English exposure, as well as a detailed map of which days are more often fulfilled with English exposure hours than others.

Missions and Challenges

Right as you come to your English Progress Page, you’ll easily find all Missions available for your child’s Division. One Mission is made up of several Challenges for your child to complete in order to complete that Mission and earn the Mission’s badge. Along with the staple English skill-based Missions, your child will be able to engage in subject-based Missions such as Science, Music, Art, Cooking, Sports, and Geography to name a few, taking a trip to all 7 continents, and much more.

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Open the door to your child’s future today.

Nobody said that getting a head start is a bad thing. You have the power to open the world of opportunities to your child today. Take advantage now, completely free of charge.

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  • Missions and Challenges
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  • Student Relations guidance
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