GSAカリキュラム Preschool(Clover)

K-0-1 Counseling

K-1-1 Introduction: Getting used to class

K-1-2 Colors and Shapes

K-1-3 Animals and Colors

K-1-4 Animals and Colors 2 (Wild Animals)

K-1-5 Review Unit 1

K-2-1 Intro to counting

K-2-2 What do you like?

K-2-3 What can you do?

K-2-4 Quiet and Loud

K-2-5 Review Unit 2

K-3-1 Understand Emotions

K-3-2 Explain your Emotions

K-3-3 Identify Objects

K-3-4 Making Corrections

K-3-5 Review Unit 3

K-4-1 Alphabet Phonics

K-4-2 Counting and Stating Numbers

K-4-3 Asking for Permission

K-4-4 Granting Permission

K-4-5 Review Unit 4

K-5-1 Let's go to the Zoo

K-5-2 Pet, Farm, or Wild Animal

K-5-3 Singular and Plural Terms

K-5-4 Singular and Plural Terms Part 2

K-5-5 Review Unit 5

K-6-1 Talking About Food

K-6-2 Saying what you want to eat

K-6-3 Describing food by flavor

K-6-4 What's for dinner?

K-6-5 Review Unit 6

K-7-1 Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

K-7-2 Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose!

K-7-3 Basic Progressive Verbs

K-7-4 Describing a Family

K-7-5 Review Unit 7

K-8-1 Final Review 1

K-8-2 Final Review 2

K-8-3 Final Review 3

K-8-4 Final Review 4

K-8-5 Level 1 review

K-9-1 Introducing Each Other

K-9-2 Describing Objects

K-9-3 Practicing Adjectives

K-9-4 Talking About Extended Family

K-9-5 Review Unit 1

K-10-1 Saying What You're Doing

K-10-2 Saying What You Can Or Can't Do

K-10-3 Introduction To Conditionals

K-10-4 Future Conditionals

K-10-5 Review Unit 10

K-11-1 How Many Are There?

K-11-2 Singular V.S. Plural Nouns

K-11-3 Intro to Determiners

K-11-4 Countable V.S. Uncountable Nouns

K-11-5 Review Unit 11

K-12-1 Describing Family Members

K-12-2 Family Titles

K-12-3 Describing by Size and Age

K-12-4 Describing by Dimension

K-12-5 Review Unit 12

K-13-1 Talking About the Seasons and the Weather

K-13-2 Seasonal Activities

K-13-3 Let's go Camping

K-13-4 Planning an Activity

K-13-5 Review Unit 13

K-14-1 Talking About Your Favorite Things

K-14-2 Asking Questions

K-14-3 Locating Objects

K-14-4 Who / What / Where

K-14-5 Review Unit 14

K-15-1 Intro to Time and Days

K-15-2 Asking and Answering Questions Related to Time

K-15-3 Saying What Time You Do Things

K-15-4 Stating Times And Dates

K-15-5 Review Unit 15

K-16-1 Final Review 1

K-16-2 Final Review 2

K-16-3 Final Review 3

K-16-4 Final Review 4

K-16-5 Level 2 Final

K-17-1 Introducing Yourself

K-17-2 Talking About Class Routines

K-17-3 Identifying Classroom Objects

K-17-4 Introducing Others

K-17-5 Review Unit 17

K-18-1 Reviewing Dates and Times

K-18-2 Saying What You Have and Don't Have

K-18-3 Dates Of Special Occasions

K-18-4 Weather and Conditions During Different Seasons

K-18-5 Review Unit 18

K-19-1 Finding Out What People Can or Can't Do

K-19-2 Asking What People Can Do

K-19-3 Saying When You Do Things

K-19-4 Saying What People In Your Family Do

K-19-5 Review Unit 19

K-20-1 L V.S. R Phonics

K-20-2 Talking About Jobs

K-20-3 What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

K-20-4 Saying What People Do For Work

K-20-5 Review Unit 20

K-21-1 Reviewing Daily Routines

K-21-2 Discussing Past, Present and Future Routines

K-21-3 Focus On Past, Present and Future

K-21-4 Past, Present and Future (Part 2)

K-21-5 Review Unit 21

K-22-1 Morning Activities

K-22-2 Afternoon Activities

K-22-3 Evening Activities

K-22-4 Daily Activities and Progressive Verbs

K-22-5 Review Unit 22

K-23-1 Reviewing Adjectives

K-23-2 Adjectives Plus

K-23-3 Adjectives and Syllables

K-23-4 Stating Your Opinion With the Use Of Adjectives

K-23-5 Review Unit 23

K-24-1 Final Review 1

K-24-2 Final Review 2

K-24-3 Final Review 3

K-24-4 Final Review 4

K-24-5 Level 3 Final Lesson

K-25-1 Intro to Digraphs (Ch + Sh)

K-25-2 Digraphs (Ph + Th)

K-25-3 Digraphs (WH + BL)