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Accredited International Education for Grade 1 to Grade 12

Welcome to Global Step Academy International School,

Education for the Next Generation

About Our School

Global Step Academy International School offers global education to Kindergarten graduates. Using our unique platform, students can take high quality online lessons to experience an international education even while attending their local schools to open the world of opportunities.

Our Vision
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Our Curriculum
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Our Faculty
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With GSAIS, students experience:

A high quality online education targeting language proficiency and teamwork

A flexible learning structure designed to fit any schedule

World reknown curricula to explore their unique interests and drive a passion for acquiring knowledge

A supportive learning environment that includes collaborative education-focused technology and resources including access to past lesson recordings


5 available times a week

Class Size

6 students


Up to 5 hours of lessons a week


Common Core and McGraw Hill


Lesson Recording Access

Student Progress

Assessments By Core Skills

Reading A to Z

Digital Library Access


Students Stay Connected


Grades 1 to 2

Our Vision

Spreading the Power of Education

Empowering Our Students to Change the World

Our belief in the power of education is rooted within a global perspective; the more globally aware a child is, the more inspired and motivated they are to make a difference in the world. With this mindset, our vision revolves around our students to become global citizens and part of a global community. We want to teach our students to seek curiosity, create collaboration, be courageous, and feel compassion. Throughout our school, these values are represented not only within our curriculum and students, but through our teachers, mentors, and faculty.

Characteristics of a Global Learner

A global learner is someone who is…

Our Curriculum

Modern Learning With Modern Education

International Learning Across Various Subjects

Our online international includes many major subjects with a special emphasis on English as the medium of our education. Taught by certified teachers, our students learn at a progressive rate alongside their peers around the world. We believe every student should get an equal opportunity to have a well-rounded education. Our online platform provides an interactive and a fun learning environment for all students.

English Language Arts

Based on the US Common Core standards, one of the highest and most efficient standards across the United States. Our ELA course uses McGraw Hill curriculum for students to acquire fundamental English proficiency at a similar pace to other international school students around the world.

Literary Focused Lessons

Up-to-date International Curriculum

Engaging and Interactive Lessons


The Inspire Science program from McGraw Hill is designed to cultivate students’ curiosity, elevate their critical thinking, facilitate hands-on investigation to deepen their understanding, and encourage creative problem-solving.

Engaging Learning Tools

Helpful Experiment Videos

Fun Games For Experiental Learning


Our Mathematics Program is designed to elevate the ability to verbally express their mathematical knowledge and go beyond teaching formulas and challenge students to apply different strategies to solve real world problems.

Flexible Learning Using Games

Effective Practice Into Action

Build Math Fluency

Reading A to Z

With Reading A to Z leveled books, students develop their phonics, reading and comprehension skills, as well as build critical and analytical thinking skills.


Interactive participation through SeeSaw makes online learning fun and effective. Students can get feedback and encouragement from teachers in real time. SeeSaw provides a sense of community, keeping students connected to their fellow preschool graduates.

How It Works


Sign up for GSAIS and create your GSA account


Create a Zoom account and install the app on your device.


Join your friends and an amazing teacher in your fun lessons via Zoom.


Access SeeSaw for homework assignments and stay connected with your classmates.

Our Faculty

Professional Educators and Dedicated Staff
Ivan Fedoroff M.A.Ed.
Amrutha Shastry
Assistant Principal
Jeannette Martinez
Human Resources
Kristen Williamson
Grade 1 Teacher
Kelsey Aguirre
Grade 1 Teacher
Kiyotaka Horii
Japanese Language Program Lead
Sangmi Choung
Guidance Counselor


Accredited Educational Institution

Cognia Accreditation By Summer 2024

Global Step Academy has begun the process of accreditation with Cognia. Upon the successful completion of the Engagement Review, Global Step Academy will have earned official accreditation.

Cognia is the unified organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), creating the world’s largest education community, serving 30,000+ schools and districts across the United States and around the world. The Global Commission, a national panel, reviews and takes action on all recommendations.

Learn more about Cognia here:


Per Semester

Additional ¥100,000 Registration fee

Additional ¥20,000 Materials fee


Up to 5 hours of online lessons per week

Classroom communication using SeeSaw

Fun interactive assignments

Digital Library Access with Reading A to Z

Lesson Recordings

Assessments and Student Reports

You Save
¥100,000 OFF

Additional ¥100,000 Registration fee

Additional ¥20,000 Materials fee


Up to 5 hours of online lessons per week

Classroom communication using SeeSaw

Fun interactive assignments

Digital Library Access with Reading A to Z

Lesson Recordings

Assessments and Student Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Where should I log in to take lessons?

After you have applied and been accepted into GSAIS, you will be accessing your lessons through your GSA student account.

Q2 How do I enroll in GSAIS?

To enroll into GSAIS, please click Request More Info to apply. You will then be contacted by our administration to begin the enrollment process.

Q3 What technology requirements are needed for online courses?

To become a student at Global Step Academy, all students are required to have:

  • Internet Connection
  • PC or tablet
  • Zoom (free application)

For more details about System Requirements and Troubleshooting, please check the details on our System Requirements page.

Q4 How long does it take to complete a grade?

One grade completion will take the same amount of time as a common academic year, which is 2 semesters.

Q5 Are there any screenings done during the enrollment process?

An initial screening is required for all students enrolling into GSAIS. Separate classes may be required or recommended based on the student’s reading levels.

Q6 Can I access course materials offline?

All students will be provided with the physical copies of McGraw Hill textbooks for all 3 subjects.

Q7 How are assessments and exams conducted?

The end of term summative assessments are conducted virtually. The guidelines are all shared in the GSAIS student handbook.

Q8 Is there technical support available?

If you are not able to access the digital books or login issues for GSA, or Seesaw, please contact our administration for assistance.

Q9 What is the refund policy?

Please contact our administration for assistance regarding our refund policy.

Q10 Can I interact with instructors and other students?

The students can interact with teachers in the Seesaw app for their assignments shared.

Q11 Is there a trial period for GSAIS?

There is currently no trial period offered.

Q12 Where can I view the school calendar?