Parter with Global Step Academy and discover an array of opportunities for your school.

Student Service Enhancement

Become a GSA School

Join the GSA network and leverage our brand and expertise to enhance your school as a franchise.

School Operations Support

Seeking assistance in managing your school? Receive expert support to lay the foundations for your educational institution.

GSA International School

Partner with GSA to offer your graduating stduents a stable pathway into a fully accredited international school.

Preschool Alumni Program

Establish a seamless pathway for your students to pursue English education after graduation.

After School and Seasonal Programs

Set up and operate a variety of after-school and seasonal programs for your school.

Global Step Academy English Juku

Allow GSA to assist in establishing an English juku, complete with the EIKEN program, for your school.

School Consulting Services

School Startup Support

Allow GSA to assist in the initial stages of constructing your new school.

Marketing Support

Leverage GSA's expertise to attract students and foster growth through our comprehensive marketing services.

Student Enrollment Screening

Enhance your enrollment process and ensure precise assessment of new students' English proficiency levels for effective placement within your school.

Guidance Counseling Support

Allow our experts to guide your students in gaining admission to their dream schools and achieving their academic goals.

School Ownership Support

Whether you're buying or selling a school, rely on our experienced team to support you throughout the entire process.