Operating Systems for Online Lessons

Please use one of the operating systems and internet browsers below to take Global Step Academy online lessons.
Devices/Operation System (OS)


Windows 10, Mac MacOS 10.11 or later

Tablet and Smartphone

iOS 12.2 or later

iPhone SE or later, iPad 5th generation or later, iPad Pro/iPad Mini 4 or later

Required versions for Android will differ depending on the device. New models are recommended, but not required.

※ You may also use OS other than specified above, however, please note that customer support cannot be provided, and lesson quality is not guaranteed.
※ Larger screens are recommended for taking GSA online lessons. We do not recommend taking lessons on a smartphone with a small screen.
※ You will need a camera and a microphone for online lessons.


Recommended browser:Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

Global Step Academy's services are guaranteed to work with Google's internet browser Chrome.

Install Chrome

Other browsers available: Safari (latest version), Edge version 18

※Please note that Internet Explore can not be used.


Lessons will require the free video call app “Zoom”. Please download in advance.

Install Zoom app

For PC
For iOS
For Android