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Join us for this exciting winter edition of the Art Program! Students will get into the holiday spirit by learning about a variety of art styles, color aesthetics, famous artists, and view popular holiday artwork. Experience interactive stories, games, and exciting workbook activities. Create beautiful artworks such as pop art Christmas trees, beautiful paper ornaments and vintage mini Christmas cards.

Lesson Overview

In this festive course, students will learn a variety of holiday art styles, color aesthetics, and view popular holiday artwork. Experience fun interactive stories, games, exciting workbook activities, and create beautiful holiday artworks to give as gifts to loved ones.

Do you like pop art? Do you like Christmas! Then this class will be perfect to get you into the holiday spirit. In lesson 1 we will look at the aesthetics of retro holiday pop art, view interesting Christmas artwork and get hands on creating our own pop art Christmas inspired by Keith Haring!

We will have snow much fun in this lesson 2! participate in fun holiday workbook activities and view interesting Christmas facts. Get creative making a beautiful snowy holiday ornament with inspiration from Vincent Van Gough in the Post Impressionist period.

Let's explore the retro side of Christmas! Lesson 3 focuses on holiday art from the past. View retro color aesthetics and decorations. Participate in engaging holiday discussion, Christmas quizzes, and exciting workbook activities. Get hands-on creating your own style of retro paper ornaments to decorate your home for the holidays.

Lets jump back in time to a vintage Christmas! Lesson 4 will explore Christmas from the past such as Santa's outfit, holiday decorations, and Christmas color aesthetics. View an interesting vintage Christmas video, play fun art games, and explore Christmas art from the past. End the lesson creating amazing vintage mini Christmas cards to decorate your home or give as a gift to someone special!

Course Kit

This course kit includes a special GSA Art Program workbook based on the course you select. Workbooks are filled with fun facts, extra activities, and amazing pictures! The art kit consists of 85 pieces and has everything you need to be an artist!

Course Details


¥13,300* (kit fee: ¥6,500)

Course Type: Short course*

Meets 1 time a week for 4 weeks

*This course is a special holiday-themed course that will occur during the month of December only.

Language Requirements

Intermediate Level (Ages 6–12)

This course is offered in English only.

Class Dates and Times

Saturdays @ 10:00 - 10:50 JST

12/3, 12/10, 12/17, 12/24

Sign-Up Deadline

Deadline to sign up is 11/8.

Cancellation Policy

Students who cancel their reservation before 11/8 will not be charged.

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