International Education EXPO 2023

Date: 13th May 2023
Time: 10:00 ~ 17:00

Venue: Showa Women's University Elementary School

How to Participate: On-site and Online

Updated Schedule:

Part 1:April 18th

Part 2:April 25th

Part 3:May 2nd

*Will be updated as necessary.

※Please note: The number of participants in the panel discussion, seminars and workshops is limited, and will be offered seats on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate you if the number of participants reaches the limit.

This will be an informative event with private schools, international schools, boarding schools, English preschools, after-schools and other international educational institutions in Japan participating.

Event Background

"International Education EXPO" comes at a time when the demand for diverse and flexible learning options is increasing, and the enthusiasm for early English learning is growing. Last year, Japan's first British-style boarding school, Harrow International School, opened in Iwate Prefecture's Appi Kogen area. This year, Rugby School Japan and Malvern College Tokyo are scheduled to open.

According to the Japanese government's latest guideline on education in 2020, there should be an increase in "foreign language activities" in elementary schools and English is taught as a subject. This has led to an increase in households hoping to acquire English proficiency in the four language skills and the ability to communicate in English. As a result, preschools teaching in English and households introducing English from infancy have become more popular.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, parent-child study abroad programs and overseas boarding school enrollment have re-started again. "International Education EXPO" aims to provide families with the chance to explore diverse learning opportunities and connect with public, private, and international schools, preschools, and other educational institutions.

"International Education EXPO" also aims to improve the quality of education by sharing the learning system between public, private, and international school teachers and staff. As the range of choices for English and international education increases, "International Education EXPO" in Tokyo will be an inclusive and engaging event for parents and children to participate together.

About the Event

"International Education EXPO" is an interactive event that aims to deepen understanding and interest in international education through various programs. Parents and children are both welcome to participate and explore the rich programs that are offered at the event. "International Education EXPO" hosts its event in 3 different ways: learning, participating and communicating.

Learning: Through various attractive panel discussions and information sessions, speakers will share know-how and experiences that cannot be heard anywhere else, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of international education from a wide range of perspectives.

Participating: We offer a variety of international educational programs that parents and children can participate in together, such as STEAM workshops and soccer schools.

Communicating: You can participate in a round-table discussion where you can listen to their experiences and advice while discussing with International Baccalaureate graduates and current boarding school students.

Learning: Panel Discussion Schedule

*Subject to change due to COVID-19 and other unforeseen circumstances.

10:00〜 Understanding Minerva University's Plan to Establish a Base in Japan


- President Mike Magee of Minerva University

- Ms. Hiromi Sakae of Minerva University Graduate School

*Highlights: President Mike Magee will discuss why Minerva University is considering establishing a base in Japan and its implications for learning. The event will be broadcast live.

11:00〜 Part 3 to be Revealed Soon!

13:00〜 Why Choose International Schools for Your Children?


- Mrs. Ikuko Tsuboya-Newell, Japan Ambassador of International Baccalaureate

- Mr. Kenichiro Mogi, Neuroscientist

- Ms. Kumiko Nakamura, Founder of Kansai International School

*Highlights: Neuroscientist Mr. Kenichiro Mogi will join Mrs. Ikuko Tsuboya-Newell, Japan Ambassador of International Baccalaureate, and Ms. Kumiko Nakamura, Representative of Kansai International School, in an insightful panel discussion to explore the reasons why we send our children to international schools.

14:00〜 Part 3 to be Revealed Soon!

15:00〜 The Future Path for English Proficient Preschoolers: Home English or English Preschools


- Principal Takashi Maeda of Showa Women's University Elementary School

- Ms. Chimko, Influencer (Learning English at Home)

*Highlights: Explore the educational path for young children who acquired English proficiency from infancy. Discuss the differences between home English education and English preschool programs.

16:00〜 Study Locally or Internationally?


- Mr. Norihiko Inoue from EF Academy

- Vice Principal Yoshio Kamakura of Ikubunkan Global High School

- Principal Naohiko Hinoda of Chiyoda International Junior High School and Musashino University Chiyoda High School

*Highlights: With the resumption of study abroad opportunities after the COVID-19 interruption and the increasing options of domestic boarding schools, let's discuss the timing and considerations of studying abroad together.

Participating: Schedule of Seminars and Workshops for Parents and Children

10:00〜 Workshop hosted by One Young World

What Mindset is Required for the Next Generation Leaders to Thrive in the Global Stage?

Insights from a Global Summit with Participants from 190 Countries

11:00〜 Part 3 to be Revealed Soon!

13:00〜 Panel Discussion - Eye-Opening Strategies for Studying Abroad

Let's Join the Panel Discussion on Diversifying Study Abroad Experiences Together!


- Mr. Tetsuro Nishiyama from Kaichi Nihonbashi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School

- Mr. Norihiko Inoue from EF Academy

- Ms. Yuki Kuramoto from Infinity Global Middle School and High School

14:00〜 Information Session by Tokyo International School Group Co., Ltd.

Learning and Structure of Tokyo International School & After School

15:00〜 Seminar hosted by STEAMS LAB JAPAN

The Power to Thrive in the 21st Century Global Society? Insights from US-based Education Expert of 21st Century

16:00〜 Seminar hosted by International School of Nagano

Positive Communication for Parents: Building Partnership with Your Children

What is positive communication and how to build a parent-child relationship.

Communicating: Workshops and Information Sessions

Mathematics by Mathematics Olympiad

Host: Kokusaba, Inc.

STEAM Learning Materials from Around the World!


More exciting workshops will be announced in the second and third rounds.

Exhibiting Schools/Organizations (as of April 21st)

International Schools
- Harrow International School Appi
- Malvern College Tokyo
- Tokyo International School Group
- Kansai International Academy
- Soleil International School
- EF Academy
- Infinity Global School

Private Schools
- Showa Women's University Elementary School
- NUCB International High School
- Ikubunkan Global High School
- Chosei Summit Academy Preparatory Office

Development and Learning
- Super Global Juku
- Kokusaba, Inc.
- One Young World
- Global Learner's Institute (GLI)
- MONOPOLY Practice Game!

About Global Step Academy

Global Step Academy provides educational services and support to students all over the world. Our core curriculum is focused on building foundational English skills and applying them to a variety of topics to prepare confident and intelligent global citizens for a rapidly growing and changing world.

We offer courses at our physical campuses in Japan with passionate and qualified teachers as well as online course options for our remote students. We also offer consultation services to support students in their preparations for studying abroad. Whether online or on campus, Global Step Academy helps students take the first step to excelling in our global world.

※Please note: The number of participants in the panel discussion, seminars and workshops is limited, and will be offered seats on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate you if the number of participants reaches the limit.