1. Division

2. Activity

3. Achievement

4. Mission and Challenge

At Global Step Academy, we believe that it takes 2,000 hours of study time to be able to successfully use English as a communication tool. Activities such as taking English courses, obtaining English exposure by taking part in special events and camps, watching English movies and TV, listening to English music, and reading English books are only some of the ways your child can add onto their Dashboard to accumulate their entire English exposure history. With our Dashboard, you will be able to track your child's progress clearly and compare with other English levels such as TOEFL and CEFR.

The Dashboard shows your overall English learning progress as well as Missions and Challenges, and student's total study time. Click the clock next to the student account.

To access your child's Dashboard:

  1. Log into your GSA account.
  2. Click on the icon named Dashboard

1. Division

GSA students are put into Divisions based on their overall English exposure and study time. On the dashboard, you will be able to see how much time your child has spent on learning, broken down by day, week, or month, and see when your child has achieved more English exposure compared to other days.

You will be able to see at a glance how, where, and when your child is studying English the most. The Dashboard also gives you a visual indication of how much your child has been working on to achieve 2,000 hours of English learning.

You can also select the study type and add study time. If your child is attending other English classes outside of GSA, please add those hours to the system in order to keep track of all of your child's English exposure and study hours.

There are 6 Divisions based on how your child can calculate their total English study time.

Rookie: (0-100 hours)

Division 5: (101-300 hours)

Division 4: (301-600 hours)

Division 3: (601-1000 hours)

Division 2: (1001-2000 hours)

Division 1: (2000 hours or more)

If you have any questions about your child's learning progress, feel free to contact Student Relations.

About the current ranking

The current ranking is the ranking of your child's total English study time in each group (Division, Age, All Students).

Cumulative English Study Time

The number of hours is the total number of hours that your child has worked on learning English. In order to calculate a more accurate number, please also include past English study and exposure time.

This is not just the total number of hours studied, but the hours calculated taking into account the student's age, learning method, language environment, etc.

2. Student Activity

The Student Activity shows the total time spent by the type of activity, such as completing GSA Challenges, doing online classes and after school lessons, as well as other types of activities entered on the log page. You can view by the week or month to see the breakdown of all activities.

Based on the total number of hours for these logged activities, your child's cumulative English study time will be calculated. You will also be able to see what your child is working on by looking at the percentages by activity.

3. Student Achievements

After your child completes every Challenges within Missions, they will receive a badge that will be added to their Student Achievements!

Badges are given out after completing various English activities such as Missions, online classes, booking various teachers, after school lessons, camps, special events, and more.

4. Missions and Challenges

Our GSA Missions are activities that allows all GSA students to increase their English study time and gain access to English to enhance reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Some examples of activities your child can do include vocabulary challenges, phonics drills, reading and writing exercises, and special activity-based challenges based on various subjects such as arts and crafts, science, cooking, music, field trips, and more.

Each Mission has a variety of challenges to help your child develop their four English skills.

How to do Missions and Challenges

  1. Go to your GSA account, go to your Dashboard and scroll down to the Missions and Challenges list.
  2. After choosing a Mission, you will see all of the Challenges you must complete in order to complete the Mission.
  3. Once you complete all Challenges in the Mission, you will receive a Mission Achievement badge.

*Please note that it is also possible to work on other Missions at the same time.

Purpose of Missions and Challenges

Missions and Challenges are free valuable resources for your child to access and complete whenever they wish in order to obtain more English exposure and study hours. While they are not required to complete, your child will be able to practice their organizational skills by keeping track of which Missions they must complete in order to obtain their badge.

Key benefits of Missions and Challenges

1. Achieve Unique Ways of Learning English

Our Missions and Challenges are a great way for your child to achieve English exposure in ways that are outside of the classroom. By using our live schedule as well as including offline activities such as reading books, attending camps, and participating events, your child will experience a diverse variety of obtaining English exposure.

2. Mechanism to increase motivation

Each time your child completes a Mission, you will receive a Mission Achievement badge. These badges are testimony to students' efforts to learn English. Achieving your Mission and receiving badges will further motivate you to continue learning English.