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More than just English conversation! Build your English education with our Bootcamp courses!

Overcome your weaknesses through short-term intensive online lessons in English!

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What Are The 3 Short-Term Intensive Bootcamps?

Whether it’s one of the four core skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), or phonics, your child will focus specifically on developing stronger skills through short-term intensive bootcamps. Learning the four core skills including phonics are necessary when mastering the English language, therefore confronting personal weaknesses in each of these areas will give the student an excellent foundation in developing further as an English speaker. At Global Step Academy, we offer the the following three courses: Speaking and Listening Bootcamp, Phonics Bootcamp, and Writing Bootcamp.

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Speaking and Listening Course

Intensive lessons to strengthen speaking & listening skills

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Phonics Course

Intensive lessons to strengthen English phonics skills

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Writing Course

Intensive lessons to strengthen English writing skills

Speaking and Listening Course: Strengthening English Conversation Skills Through Short-Term Intensive Lessons

Develop English speaking and listening skills through an intensive course!
When learning English, the ability to input and output what was practiced is crucial. Your child understands the content, but they cannot express in a sentence? Does your child have trouble continuing a conversation because they cannot understand the other person? By tackling each of these problems, and by practicing to have smooth communication with teachers in our online lessons, your child can expect overall English levels to improve, which will also make learning other skills in English such as reading and writing more fun.

Target Age (approx.)3 - 9 years
Lesson Time25 min per Lesson
Number of Lessons15 Lessons
Curriculum LevelKindergarten - Grade 2 (for native speakers)
Coins100 coins per lesson (for more information about coins, please see the Price Plans)

Lesson Content Students will practice speaking English by talking about themselves or their immediate surroundings, such as the weather, seasons, things they like and don’t like, etc. Along the process, they will also develop listening skills by conversing with teachers.

Phonics Course: Mastering English Pronunciation Through Intensive Lessons

Strengthen pronunciation skills through short-term intensive online lessons! Unlike other languages, spelling and pronunciation of letters do not stay the same in the English alphabet, since the pronunciation differs depending on the combination of letters. Phonics is a method used by native speakers to teach your child and English learners the correct pronunciation, enabling smoother communication by learning the correct pronunciation patterns of the English language.

Target Age (approx.)6 - 9 (basic English skills for reading simple words are required)
Lesson Time25 min per lesson
Number of LessonsPart 1: 24 lessons
Part 2: 25 lessons

Curriculum LevelKindergarten - Grade 2 (for native speakers)
Coins100 coins per lesson (for more information about coins, please see the price plan)

Lesson Content For example, your child will learn that the CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) such as "jug", "bed", and "nap" will be used to teach the connection between each letters and sounds.

Writing Course: Learn to compose English texts through short-term intensive lessons

Learn English writing skills!
Of the four basics, writing can be the most difficult for learners, especially for those who have learned some English beforehand but have not studied writing. Homework will become easier to handle when writing skills are strengthened, and students will enhance skills in other English-related courses as well. In order to take the Writing Bootcamp, an English level equivalent to 3rd Grade native-speakers in the other 3 core skills are required.

Target Age (approx.)9 - 12 years
Lesson Time50 min per lesson
Curriculum LevelGrade 3 - Grade 5 (for native speakers)
Coins200 coins (for more information about coins, please see the Plan Price)

Lesson Content Along with proper grammar, you will learn English sentence structures, and how to write paragraphs and short essays.