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English Language Arts Standard Course
Enjoy Building Core English Skills With Engaging Content!

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What Is English Language Arts (ELA)?

English Language Arts resembles the educational methods centered around learning the national language in your country. When children learn their national language in school, grammar and writing skills are learned rather than practicing everyday conversation. Similarly, when children in English-speaking countries learn English, they do not practice English conversation, but learn the skill of utilizing the English language as a tool, specifically by focusing on the 4 basics (reading, writing, listening, speaking), which lay the foundation for the language.

About The ELA Standard Course

In the ELA Standard Course, your child will use the National Geographic Learning “Our World” series of coursebooks containing content that is used by educational facilities worldwide. Through this series, your child will work on strengthening English skills in multiple dimensions, including reading, vocabulary, speaking, and grammar.

Target Age (approx.)
3 and older

Lesson Time
25 min per lesson

Curriculum Level
Kindergarten - Grade 5 (for native speakers)

100 coins per lesson (for more information about coins, please see the Price Plans)

Educational Material
Our World Coursebook

After you register for the Standard course, we will send your child a combination book, in which both the coursebook and the workbook are merged into 1 book (for starter levels, the books will be delivered separately). If you want to proceed with lessons at a normal pace, we will send you a combo book every 6 months or sooner if applicable.

2 Characteristics Of The Standard Course

Stimulate Your Children’s Curiosity With Our World

National Geographic Learning's Our World is a multi-level primary series that brings age-appropriate National Geographic Learning content to young learners of English. Fun and fascinating information about the real world, with stunning images and video, gives learners the essential English language, skills, and knowledge needed to understand their world.

Screen Sharing Of Multimedia Content

Teachers will display lesson content via screen sharing, which allows for students to follow their courses easily, and experience a new way of learning.

Lesson Content

「Our World 」We will use the Our World coursebook as well as visual materials.
There will be 9 topic units for each level. Every unit consists of 8 - 9 lessons, and 25 minutes each.

Lesson 1 - 3

Your child will learn new vocabulary and grammar through photos!
In the first lesson, we will introduce the units to be learned. Grammar will be learned using English vocabulary related to the unit themes.

Lesson 4 - 6

Try writing in English! By using the vocabulary and grammar skills obtained from the previous lesson, students will learn to spell single words at level 1-3, while they will learn to write short essays at level 4-6.

Lesson 7 - 9

Your child will move on to practicing reading and reviewing everything they’ve learned in the unit. By making use of the knowledge obtained from all the previous lessons, students will learn to read stories in English. The last lesson will be in the form of a quiz, and the whole unit will be reviewed.

Comparison To Other English Language Tests

Recommended For:

Children from age 3 and up can start the ELA Standard Course along with skill enhancing bootcamp courses. Depending on your child’s goals, here are some of our recommendations for your child.

I want to start learning English at 4 years old!

We recommend starting from ELA Standard Starter and also taking our Phonics Bootcamp course.

I recently started learning English and want to continue building my skills.

Depending on your skills, we will assess which ELA Standard grade that you can start with, along with the Speaking and Listening bootcamp!

I want to maintain my English skills after returning from abroad.

Depending on your skills, we will assess which ELA Standard grade that you can start with, along with any Bootcamps to enhance your skills.

I want to study abroad in the future.

You can flexibly switch over to our ELA Advanced course. Try to reach the level of a native speaker!

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