More than English conversation! Engineering / Programming (STEM) Online-School for kids

Get your STEM education with us!

More than English conversation! Engineering / Programming (STEM) Online-School for kids

Get your STEM education with us!

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What is STEM?

STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. By learning the fundamentals of future-relevant skills in fields such as IT (Information Technology) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), we aim to educate the next generation with our STEM courses. Throughout our STEM courses, learning occurs through hands-on projects, problem solving, and building critical and logical thinking skills.

Why choose our STEM courses

At GSA, we aim to provide education that

Choose from the following 2 courses

At Global Step Academy STEM online-lessons, children can choose between engineering and programming, as well as choose to learn both

Engineering Course: Learn about the mechanism of objects while conversing in English

In the engineering course, a specialized STEM kit will be used, and learning will occur by building selected objects. The objects differ depending on the child’s level.

The aim is to improve theoretical thinking skills, creativity, the ability to judge, as well as to encourage the child’s willingness to face challenges. Rather than the teacher giving instructions on how to build the blocks, the children will complete the construction on their own through a continuous trial and error process.

Creating animations and coding video games in English using Scratch Jr. and Scratch

In our STEM Programming course, your child will learn how to code to create basic and intermediate functions and build problem solving skills in English. Programming an anime/video game while conversing in English. In the programming course we will use two programming languages called “Scratch and Scratch Jr”, which are made specifically for elementary school students. The fundamentals of programming will be learned by moving characters, creating animations and creating simple video games.

The task of “debugging”, which means fixing programming errors, will also be taught during the lessons. This will develop the student’s problem-solving skills, since problems and possible causes will be identified and subsequently tackled.

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Content Overview of the English STEM Lessons
(Engineering Course)

During STEM lessons children learn through physical tasks, thus deepening their understanding of an object’s mechanism and the construction process. Problem-solving skills, which are essential in today’s society, will be acquired by the child through trial and error, rather than through constant one-way instructions from teacher to student.

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Grasping the mechanism

Before constructing, the laws of nature and the object’s mechanism will be learned

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Using the knowledge obtained in the previous step, the construction process starts. The journey will be completed through trial and error.

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The completed object will be demonstrated. The creation will be analyzed through touching and sensing.

A glimpse into the engineering course

It’s OK to make mistakes! Through continuous trial and error… I finally solved it!

STEM Online Lessons: Outline

Target Age 6 and above
*Since STEM lessons are held in English, the ELA Advanced K6 level in English (or equivalent) is required (negotiable).
Course Fee 240 coins/ lesson(For more information about coins, please see the price plan
Lesson Time 50 minute / lesson
Requirements For Global Step Academy Online Learning we need:
1. Internet access
2. Computers
3. zoom meetings

Engineering course:
STEM Kit: 10,000 yen including tax *You can pay with GSA coins. The amount in coins will be calculated based on your price of additional coins.

A rental STEM kit (2,400 yen) is also available for a rental period of one month.

Programming course:
Basic Level:
Install the Scratch Jr. app (free) into an iPad or an Android tablet
*2 separate devices are needed: 1 tablet for using the Scratch Jr. App + 1 PC or tablet to connect to zoom for the actual lesson.

Intermediate Level:
PC with Scratch app (free) installed. (This can be the same device that you use to connect to zoom for lessons.)
*We encourage students to use PC for Scratch app. If you usually use a tablet to connect to zoom, you will need a PC for the Scratch app (using 2 devices in this case.)