GSA Fitness: Speed Lesson 4

$23 USD
Number of Class
50 min
Class size
1 - 5
Course Type One-Time Class. Meets 1 time a week
Language This course will be taught in English only.
Start Date: Mar 24, 2023 (Fri)
Time 05:00-05:50 EDT (Fri)
Sign-up deadline Mar 19, 2023 (Sun)


Course Overview



Think you’re fast?  Test your skills in this exciting and fast paced fitness challenge.  Get active and have fun while focusing on improving your speed with a variety of exercise-based games.

Lesson Schedule

1 - Speed Lesson 4

2023/3/24 05:00-05:50 EDT (Fri)

Language Requirement

GSA Fitness Language Requirement

Students must meet these following language requirements in order to take this course.

Speaking Skills:  Intermediate

  • Students will need to be able to respond in basic sentences.

Listening Skills:  Intermediate

  • Students will need basic listening skills to be able to follow instructions.

Reading Skills:  Intermediate

  • Students will need basic reading skills to understand written directions.

Writing Skills:  None

  • There will not be any writing in this program.

For students currently taking an ELA program, they must currently be within ELA Standard Level 3 to ELA Advanced Grade 4.


GSA Fitness Safety Requirement

Students should have enough open space to move around, and make sure to do the games on a non-slip surface.


Participants taking this course must be aware that Global Step Academy Online is not responsible 

for any and all bodily harm, physical injury, or any damage done to the kit during classes or after the classes. Parents/legal guardians of the students must be responsible for supporting and supervising during the class.


GSA Fitness Health Disclaimer

Children with injuries affecting their feet, legs, and hands  are recommended not to take this class.


GSA Fitness Supervision Requirement

Parental/legal guardian supervision is optional.

In order to ensure that students are doing the games safely, some parent/guardian supervision may be required depending on the student’s age.


Cancellation Policy

You may cancel anytime before the application deadline and you will not be charged any cancellation fee. However, if you cancel after the application deadline, 100% of the course fee will charged as a cancellation fee.


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