About Global Step Academy

We believe in the “Power of Education”

Global Step Academy offers international education and experiences through our unique online platform, schools, and programs. Built on years of teaching international education experience and student achievement, Global Step Academy believes it is possible for children all over the world to become global citizens and thrive as part of the global community.

Our Focus

Making International Education Accessible to Every Child

Your child can be enrolled in the International School from anywhere in the world while maintaining a compulsory education with their regular school hours. Our full-curriculum English class taught at our Online International does exactly that; getting education via online courses. Your child will be able to learn, interact and experience International school from home.

Emphasize on Skills for the Future

Our world is changing faster than ever. That is why we at GSA focus on what our children need ranging from the immediate future to the rest of their lives. With a variety of online courses including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Game-Based Learning, Engineering and Programming courses, and more, your child will expand their English learning skills along with building foundations in various subjects, ensuring that your child is prepared for the future.

English Skill-focused Missions and Challenges

With our Missions and Challenges focused on core English foundation, you will be able to practice skills while at the same time having fun and gaining valuable English Exposure. Students can sign up for our weekly email that delivers recommended Challenges of the week along with highlighted upcoming live programs. Whether it’s phonics, basic grammar, science experiments, or traveling the world, all students at GSA have access to our exciting, competitive, and academic Challenges.

Providing Guidance Every Step of the Way

Our Student Relations staff are readily accessible for you to receive individualized consultation. Looking closely at each student’s learning progress, our Student Relations team advise students on the optimum frequency of lessons, what courses to take to enhance your learning experience, and show you how to strive to become successful learners.

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Why Global Education?

Everyday is the opportunity of learning for children.

Founder of Global Step AcademyJohn Montgomery

“ Whether it is at home, at school, or at a supermarket...

Learning takes place as children see, listen, and touch things around them and change their behavior according to what they take in. English will transform their local learning environment into something more global and widen child’s perspective.

While Japanese language is mostly confined to being used in the country of Japan and by its people, English transcends countries and boundaries. It is a universal language that is most widely used in the world. Therefore, being able to speak English leads to the first steps into global education, and invest children with power to maximize their potential.

What children go through within their homes, and the global education they receive during their 9 years of school education, are what makes up the essential fundamental knowledge that helps them for the rest of their lives.

Children who utilize their spare time everyday into learning English through our online international school curriculum and nurturing the global mind, while learning their native language through the Japanese government education, they can broaden their future potential exponentially. ”

Our Approach

Our academy provides global education to children for all upcoming generations who will be expected to pave their way through their future in the globalized world. We believe that a true global citizen can: not only would children who take our courses be able to communicate in English, but they will also part of the globalized society to participate, contribute, acquire knowledge, and create new opportunities.

Many professional educators around the world agree that in order to successfully use English as a language tool, one must obtain a total of 2,000 hours of study and exposure to be able to comprehend sophisticated texts and to accurately communicate their thoughts. We provide the best environment for each student to learn the necessary skills by utilizing our step-by-step guidance, modern technology that allows for interactive learning experience, world-class, trustworthy curriculum and materials that are based on our many years of educational experience.

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Student Successes

With decades of experience in assisting more than a thousand students to achieve their academic goals, our dedication to strive for excellence has sent over 300 students to international schools, boarding schools and colleges abroad. Global Step Academy’s consulting service is here when you are ready to take the next step in your child’s education.

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