Message from CEO

Michio Montgomery

Chief Executive Officer

Global Step Academy Group

Children have endless possibilities for the future.

Children learn from their past experiences and relationships with their friends and families, living everyday with ambition and aspiration towards something. That “something” may vary from one person to another, but I believe that eventually turns into their dreams. These dream are essential for us to find our worth and pathway for our future. It’s a source that creates infinite possibilities

I am one of them. When I was young my family supported me, and l went to school where I made many friends and learned a lot from each experiences. I started my first job at 23 and started managing a company at 28 where I made valuable connections with many people. Through various setbacks and failures that I experienced, I was able to find my dream.

Pursuing a dream isn’t easy. It’s important to not give up, and have courage and trust in yourself. I have gained courage from my friends and family who have supported me throughout this journey, and what shapes my beliefs are the causes and the responsibilities that holds a greater meaning to me than myself.

At Global Step Academy, we bring a team of individuals who have dreams.

Having the opportunities to connect with people, children will be able to gain valuable experiences and knowledge that will help them grow. This will lead them to realize dreams that makes the world a better place.

English is a worldly language that give us the opportunity to communicate and connect with people around the world. It makes us confident individuals and pushes us to achieve our dreams even further.

At Global Step Academy, we want to educate the next generation of children that any dream is achievable. We believe that this is the pivotal starting point towards a successful international education.

「We believe in the Power of Education」- We strive to challenge ourselves towards achieving big dreams and give opportunities to as many children as possible here at Global Step Academy.

Michio Montgomery