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Are you a Christmas expert? Challenge your knowledge as you and your friends take on Christmas trivia in these fun Christmas-themed Bingo games! Answer as many Christmas questions as you can to win Bingo!

Holiday-Themed Game Fun

In this fun holiday themed lesson, students will challenge themselves learning about the Christmas holiday. Learners will participate in exciting Christmas trivia and engaging festive discussions while participating in holiday bingo with peers.

While learning new fun facts and information about the Christmas holiday, students will engage in fun games of themed bingo with classmates. Learners will show how much knowledge they have by answering Christmas trivia to get a bingo!

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Student Requirement

Ages 6 - 12

Language Requirement

Beginner: English
Intermediate: English

Course Type

Seasonal Camp Class

Course Schedule

Class Dates and Times

11/30 Wednesday @ 19:00 - 19:50 JST

12/7 Wednesday @ 19:00 - 19:50 JST

12/14 Wednesday @ 19:00 - 19:50 JST

12/21 Wednesday @ 19:00 - 19:50 JST

Sign-Up Deadline

Deadline to sign up is 48 hours before the course starts.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made before the sign-up deadline will not be charged.

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