What Is Speaking Course by Grow Rich?

This curriculum was developed by the Grow Rich English School and has been implemented in their classrooms which are based in Mitaka, Tokyo. The objective of their lessons is to make children “answer a variety of questions about themselves in more than 5 sentences", as well as ask questions to each other to develop communication skills. Often, children will be asked questions such as “how about you?” or “what do you think?” However, the problem with those questions is that children will often answer them with one word. The reality is that many children do not know what to talk about, as they rarely have the opportunity to express their thoughts.

The ideal environment to improve their speaking skills is an environment where students can “imitate the expressions of others”, as well as where they can receive “instant feedback from their teachers”.

Thus, Speaking Course by Grow Rich sessions gives the children more opportunities to speak out. Teachers will keep the conversation going by sensing the topics that the children want to speak about through their previous answers, as well as give constant feedback.

Online Group Lessons

At Global Step Academy, we provide the education of a professional international school in an online environment, in which the children will learn the necessary skills required for a future global career.

Within Speaking Course by Grow Rich lessons, the “ability to express one’s thoughts” as well as “real life speaking skills” will be nurtured by discussing the student's topic of interest, rather than having them memorize fixed model answers.

Course Details

At Global Step Academy’s Speaking Course by Grow Rich, our curriculum ensures that even children who are not used to English conversation will develop their speaking skills from the basics.

Increase your level incrementally with every lesson
Question Examples

Speedy Lessons: Learn to hold conversations within a limited time frame

Lesson Flow:

① Answering Questions
We will give feedback on answering techniques and connecting sentences.

② Practicing
We will practice correct ways of answering questions, including word choice

③ Referring
Children will learn new ways of expressing themselves by watching how other students interact with teachers and answer questions.

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Speaking Course Online Lesson Details

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