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Applicable Period

From March 20, 2024 to May 31, 2024

Application Process

  1. Sign up for a 2-week free trial with GSA Online during the campaign period
  2. Complete the 2-week free trial and enroll into a paid plan
  3. Receive the ¥15,000 cash back reward!

Application Conditions

Those who have registered for a free trial during the campaign period, completed the free trial within one month from the registration date, and enrolled into a paid plan will receive the ¥15,000 cash back benefit.

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For Beginner Learners

Our English Foundations program are one-on-one online lessons conducted via Zoom designed for students ranging from 4 to 15 years old. We designed this program to provide future global citizens with the ability to learn and work in English by building a solid language foundation. Our carefully selected teachers are guaranteed to make learning fun. For beginner English learners, there will be ample resources to ease them into using English to express themselves. For advanced learners, there will be opportunities to challenge their language skills and enhance their global competence.

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For Intermediate to Advanced Learners

Based on Common Core standards, our English Language Arts program is designed to deliver an international school curriculum to children who have already mastered the basics of English language learning, have attended or are currently attending international school, or have lived abroad in an English-speaking country and wish to continue their English learning.

Sign Up with CB24 to get a chance to receive ¥15,000 cash back!