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What Is English Language Arts?

English Language Arts: ELA" is equivalent to Japanese & Literature in Japan. At GSA, we focus on the four important elements of English language communication: reading, writing, listening, and conversing. By using a U.S. Common Core objectives based curriculum, we help our students learn English the way native students do. This curriculum is effective for both children returning from overseas, or so-called "Kikokushijo" (returnee children), so they can maintain their English skills and for students who have never lived abroad.

About the English Language Arts (ELA) Course

There are two parts to the ELA course. The Beginner Course (from kindergarten to 2nd Grade), and the Intermediate Course (from 3rd to 5th Grade). Before we begin with a lesson, we at Global Step Academy administer a screening test to determine the appropriate level for your child based on his/her needs.

How Often Are Lessons Held?

At Global Step Academy, you will create your own schedule. The pace and frequency of the lessons is determined by the goals and vision you have for your child. Here are some samples of the lesson schedules.

Beginner Course

The Beginner Course starts with a gradual approach to learning the four English skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Students will learn phonics, the building blocks of reading, and will read stories based on the phonics skills that have been learned. As students read stories in English, they will learn and practice using new vocabulary. As your child reads, the teacher uses the story as a springboard for a discussion so your child will have the opportunity to think and talk about the story in English. Students will also have the opportunity both in class and for homework to write about what was learned in class.

Target Age (approx.)

Lesson Duration
25 min per lesson

Curriculum Level
Kindergarten - Grade 2 (for native speakers)

100 coins per lesson (for more information about coins, please see the Price Plans)

Beginner Course: Curriculum

Beginner Course: Curriculum

Kindergarten Level
3-6 years

At this level, your child will be focusing on:
Introduction to Reading & Writing Learning English sounds
Learning pronunciation, vowels, and consonants
Learn capital letters and lowercase letters
Introduction to phonics
Reading comprehension
Strengthening vocabulary, speaking, and listening

Grade 1 Level
6〜7 years

At this level, your child will be focusing on:
Intermediate phonics and reading comprehension
Basic grammar: nouns, past tense, present tense, future verb tense, pronouns, synonyms, noun / verb agreement, punctuation, and capitalized letters
Learning to write: essays, fictional storytelling, commentary, personal storytelling
Strengthening vocabulary, speaking, and listening

Grade 2 Level
7〜8 years

At this level, your child will be focusing on:
Advanced phonics and reading comprehension
Intermediate Grammar: antonyms, synonyms, adverbs, subjects, predicates, complete and incomplete sentences, executable statements and sentence composition
Learning to write: Book reports, personal storytelling, convincing letter-writing, sentence writing, paragraph writing
Mastering vocabulary, speaking, and listening

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Intermediate Course Curriculum

Intermediate Course

The intermediate course expands on and further applies the four elements we learned in the Beginner Course. From comprehending stories to idioms and writing, students will face multiple challenges before achieving native-level English skills and realizing their goals. Teachers will make sure that the students are on the right track. For example, through long reading-comprehension sessions, students will be asked questions that will demonstrate their ability to evaluate and analyze what they are reading.

Target Age (approx.)
8 - 12

Lesson Duration
50 min per lesson

Curriculum Level
Grade 3 - Grade 5 (for native speakers)

200 coins per lesson (for more information about coins, please see the Price Plans)

Intermediate Course Curriculum