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Game-Based Learning
Enjoy learning problem solving and English while exploring the world of online gaming!

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Children learning through games: What is Game-Based Learning?

In Game-Based Learning, children learn problem solving skills and expand their imagination by creating their own territory in an online game world. During their adventure in the game environment, they will solve problems tailored to their level, while conversing with their teacher in English. In the world of games, children can efficiently learn natural problem solving, deductive reasoning, and STEM material by facing situations very similar to real life. Students can learn English while enjoying themselves with the help of games, without paying too much attention to the complex rules & formalities of traditional learning.

Game-Based Learning Online?

At Global Step Academy we provide children with an international online-education, so that they can compete in the global economy of the future. In GBL, our goal is to increase problem-solving skills and English communication skills by utilizing English vocabulary and grammar obtained through natural conversations during the challenges & quests within the game world. Thus, GBL is very different from traditional language classes, in which English language itself is be the main target of learning. GBL gamifies learning, English, problem solving skills, and STEM through the use on an online game world.

Characteristics of Game-Based Learning Online Lessons for Children

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Have Fun Learning Through Games

Some children might not enjoy learning the traditional way, as that they may become bored with traditional lessons or unable to speak under the pressure of finding the right words or answer. However, in Game-Based Learning, children often do not feel as if they are actually taking a class, which takes the pressure of learning away. Learning becomes and extension of play! Students will learn English, problem solving skills, and STEM while working their way through the online game world with a teacher.

English + Action

The combination of having English conversations with a teacher while being together in a 3D environment enables children to learn basic words through interaction, like “Right” and “Left”, which are often confused, as well as other common directional words such as “here/there/above/under”. Students will also use vocabulary and grammar learned in English Language Arts (ELA), which will lead to the realization that they can leverage their existing language skills. Thus, their ability to naturally converse in English will increase, and the fear of making minor mistakes will go away. Furthermore, children will be able to develop problem solving skills and deductive thinking while learning English.

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Imagination And Free Expression

Game-Based Learning is all about ① taking blocks and ② moving them to create. These simple tasks will be repeated and built upon resulting in a world of the child's creation. Children will be taught how to create whatever structures comes to their mind in the virtual space, as well as how to care for animals, crops and the world around them. The child’s creativity will develop, and their ability to express complex ideas will grow in the process.

The lesson outline for Game-Based Learning

Target Age 6 years or older
Since Game-Based Learning is conducted in English, at least the English Foundations 2-1-1 level or the ELA Advanced K-8-1 level in English is needed (negotiable).
Course fee Opening an account: 3960 yen with tax. (*You can pay with GSA coins. The amount in coins will be calculated based on your price of additional coins.)
120 coins/lesson
Lesson time 25 Minute/lesson/lesson
Requirements For Global Step Academy Online Learning we need:
1. Internet Speed 
2. Computer
3. Zoom App

For Game-Based Learning we use a specific app.
If you are running the game from a PC, please click here to learn about the necessary environment.