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Learn English Through Exciting Story Books!

Have fun learning English through amazing picture books

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What Is Story Time?

In our Story Time course, your child will learn listening, reading, and speaking, as well as various expressions and vocabulary in English, through exploring picture books together with the teacher. Lessons will be adjusted to the pace & interests of each student. Whether your child is extroverted or shy, we will ensure a comfortable atmosphere in which it can enjoy the stories, as well as freely express its thoughts and feelings.

The 3 Characteristics Of Story Time

Getting to know various expressions in English

We will not use textbooks as educational material, but popular picture books. Through many different stories written by various authors, your child will get exposed to new vocabulary as well as a broad range of topics and expressions.

Increasing communication skills

Teachers will read the stories while posing questions to the students, which is why not only reading & listening skills, but also speaking skills will get reinforced. Your child will learn to freely express their own thoughts in a natural way.

Develop “real” English skills

As in the English-speaking countries, in which story reading is used as an integrated learning approach with several purposes, your child will be encouraged to predict outcomes of incomplete stories, imagine how characters would have acted in different situations, and develop problem-solving skills. Through this approach, your child will learn “real” English, which is internationally highly demanded.

Learn the alphabet together will animals!

Watch the sea otter pup grow up, and try to compare it to yourself!

Get inspired & motivated by Lucy, who tries out a new sport!

Learn about the origins of Chinese Zodiacs!

Learn the name of colors through fun pictures!

Lesson System

Interactive Discussion

Story Time courses are revolved solely around engaging in interactive discussion between the teacher and students. Teachers will question students about new words and pictures that come up with every new book, which is how your child’s reading comprehension skills will develop. Furthermore, students will obtain new knowledge and make various new discoveries encountering new English words as well as by learning about history and new cultures, exploring the animal world, identifying with main characters, and analyzing pictures.

Lesson Outline: Story Time

Target Age:Since lessons will be adjusted to the pace of each student, kindergarteners and elementary school students of any age / English level can sign up for the course

Curriculum level:3 years old - 3rd Grade

Lesson Time:25 Minute

Coins:100 coins / lesson

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