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Community Plan

This section will explain what the Community Plan is and how to become a Community Plan member.

Q. What is the Community Plan?

A. The GSA Online Community Plan is a free service where you will have access to taking group courses to learn a variety of subjects and enjoy fun seasonal camps*, watching live programs on the live schedule, access free downloadable English content through your Dashboard and keep track of your English exposure and study hours. As a GSA Community student, you will still be able to enjoy learning all kinds of subjects in English and access free content any time.

*To sign up for group courses and seasonal camps, you must have a credit card registered on your GSA Community account.

Q. How do I become a Community member?

A. If you are currently enrolled (paid student or taking the free trial lessons) in Global Step Academy, please contact our Student Relations team by phone or email no later than three days prior to your next billing date.

Q. What happens to the remaining coins in my account after I discontinue the monthly plan?

If you decide end your monthly plan, you will lose all unused coins in your account on the date you discontinue your monthly plan. This also applies when you change your plan to the free Community Plan. Please note that coins cannot be returned or refunded.