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Here you will be able to find out about our Courses, including age requirements for courses, materials required for specific courses, and how to apply for a new course.

Q. What courses can my child take?

A. Your child can take a variety of courses at the same time, or focus on one course. In order to add a new course, you will need to update your Learning Plan. For more information, refer to the answer of this question below.

To view all of the courses at GSA, you can visit the Courses page for more information.

Q. What is the difference between ELA Standard and ELA Advanced?

A. ELA Standard is our English Language Arts course that is targeted for beginner learners and desire to build basic skills of English. For more information on ELA Standard, click here for more information.

ELA Advanced is our English Language Arts course that is targeted for learners who have already built the necessary basic English skills and will move on to develop advanced skills such as speaking, phonics, reading comprehension, critical thinking, problem solving, and more. For more information on ELA Advanced, click here for more information.

Q. How do I change or add a course?

A. You can apply for courses in GSA when you update your Learning Plan.

Please note that applying for specific courses will depend on the level of your child.

To add or change courses, please see the steps below:

  1. At the top of the Schedule page, go to Account.
  2. Click on Learning Plan.
  3. Go to +Add Course
  4. You will see a window with the variety of courses appear.
  5. Click on a course that you wish to add, and click the button Add selected course
  6. Depending on your Learning Plan, you may need to update your frequency or schedule to accommodate any new courses chosen.
  7. The new course should now be seen under the Courses section in your Learning Plan.
  8. When you have confirmed your schedule for the new courses, click Continue.

Q. What’s the difference between Story Time and Story Time Live?

A. Our Story Time course is a private one-to-one class in which a GSA teacher reads a story to one student and discusses the story with the student. The Story Time course is 100 coins per class.

Story Time Live is one of our live programs in which a GSA teacher conducts a virtual book reading to an audience without verbal student interaction. While Story Time is a paid class, Story Time Live is free and available to all GSA students.