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Group Course List Page

This section will cover the Group Course List page; how to find classes, use the filters, sign up for classes, access materials, enter classes, and more.

Q. What is the Group Course List page?

A. The Group Schedule is where you can find all group courses that GSA Online offers. There you can find an assortment of group courses; semester courses, one-time classes, camps, workshops, and much more.

Q. What are the different types of group courses?

A. There are several different types of group courses.

Subscription Programs

Example: Global Explorer VR, Origami Science, Art Program.

Ongoing Course

Global Explorer VR (Subscription Program)
List of ongoing courses in this subscription program:

Origami Science (Subscription Program)
List of ongoing courses in this subscription program:

Art Program (Subscription Program)
List of ongoing courses in this subscription program:

One-Time Class

Example: Easter Egg Painting, Mother’s Day, Chocolate Taste Testing, Halloween Crafts, Christmas Bingo

Short Course

Example: STEAM Experiments: Halloween Edition, Art Program: Winter Edition, EIKEN Grade 3 Test Preparation, Exploring the Solar System

Semester Course

Example: ELA Standard Spring Semester, ELA Advanced Fall Semester, Game-Based Learning Winter Semester

Seasonal Camp

Seasonal Camps include:

Online Summer Camp

Online Winter Camp

Q. How do I use the filters to find classes?

A. The group course filters are used for you to find what types of courses fit your child's level, interests, and desired commitment.

Date and Time Filter

Use the Date filter to find classes on certain dates and times to help you see what courses are available.

Choose a specific day(s) of the week in which you wish to see what group courses are available.

Slide the dot on the left to choose the earliest time, and slide the dot on the right to choose the latest time.

Select specific dates on the calendar to indicate which courses are starting, and when courses are ending.

Age Filter

Use the Age filter to find classes that are fit for your child's age range.

You must choose a minimum age to a maximum age.

For example: if you have a child who is 6 years old, you will likely find classes fit for your child when you choose anywhere within 5 to 7 years old. Therefore, you will check the boxes for 5,6, and 7.

Subject Filter

Use the Subject filter to find classes under subjects that your child is interested in taking group courses in.

You can choose as many subjects listed as you like. The more you choose, the more courses will filter out for you.

Format Filter
Use the Format filter to find classes under formats that fit your desired classroom arrangement.

Length Filter

Use the Length filter to find classes that fit your child's desired commitment time.

Q. How do I favorite group courses?

A. You can favorite group courses which you can then view separately from the rest of the schedule. This allows you to save courses and classes that you are interested in.


Q. How do I find my favorited group courses?

A. You can find all of your favorited classes when you click on the "Show Favorites Only" button at the top of the Group Schedule page

Q. I clicked on a group course to see more info. What do I do now?

A. When you click on a More Info button to a group course, you will directed to that particular course’ course detail page! Go to the Group Course Detail Page FAQ to learn what you can find on this page.