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Student Progress

Here is where you will be able to learn what to do during your child's progress at GSA, including how to continue classes and courses, level changes, what to do when a level is easy, and more.

Q. Can my child take classes if my child has never studied English?

A. Our GSA service was made to help young learners who have never studied English before to get started with GSA. Our courses including ELA Standard, Phonics Bootcamp, and Speaking and Listening Bootcamp are all designed to start building core English skills for your child.

Q. Can I request a level change?

A. If you feel that your child's current level is too easy or hard, you are welcome to contact our Student Relations team to request a level change.

Q. Can we go move up to Advanced after completing whole materials in Standard?

A. Yes, students can move onto ELA Advanced after completing ELA Standard. After your child finishes the last class of ELA Standard, your child will then be assigned a screening class for ELA Advanced. A screening class is required as it will determine where in ELA Advanced that your child can begin.

Q. Can I have my child try both ELA Advanced and ELA Standard?

A. It is recommended that a child stays to one of the courses, so we recommend them to go through ELA Advanced screening if you are not sure which courses to start with. For reference, if you are a beginner of English, you will be placed in ELA Standard. If you have some experience with English, or if you have lived in English speaking country, we recommend being screened for ELA Advanced.

Q. How do I move on to the next unit?

A. If you think a Unit is too easy for your child, you are welcome to contact Student Relations team and request to move onto the next Unit.

Q. Some classes seem very easy for my child. Can they be skipped?

A. If you think a class is too easy for your child, please contact our Student Relations team to request moving to further classes.

Q. How is my child's level determined?

A. Your child's level is determined by an accumulation of information gathered: the details of your child's past English experience and knowledge helps to determine some of the foundational skills and help us determine the screening level in which your child can take their screening test. Then when your child takes the screening test, we are able to establish where in our curriculum and courses that your child can begin to take classes.

Q. What is a screening class?

A. Screening classes are classes that help determine your child's level and where to start in our curriculum. During a screening class, your child is asked a series of questions that cover the foundational core skills to determine where your child is at in their English level.