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This is where you will learn about our Referral Program and the many benefits both you and your referrals get.

Q. What is a Referral code?

A. A Referral code is a unique code that allows for you and your referred friend to receive free coins.

Q. Do you have a Referral code?

A. Yes, all GSA students receive their own unique code upon enrollment. For each friend you refer to GSA that has successfully enrolled, you and your referred friend will receive coins for free.

Q. Where do I find the Referral code?

A. Go to your Schedule page.

Then, up at the top bar navigation, go to Account > Referral Program.

Click on the Copy icon to automatically copy the Referral code.

You can also share the Referral code through Facebook, Twitter, LINE, and email to directly share your Referral code with friends.

Q. How can I share my Referral code?

A. You are free to share your Referral code anywhere.

Make sure you direct friends to the main GSA website so they can use your Referral code to sign up.

Q. How does my friend use my Referral code?

A. After you share your Referral code, your friend must go to the main GSA website to enroll.

Then, they must go to the Registration page.

When they get to the Payment Information section, they can input the Referral code in the section highlighted: