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What Is Global Step Academy Online?

Global Step Academy offers international education and experiences
through our unique online platform for children of ages 3 to 12 years old.
We provide our students high quality English lessons to support a global education,
and to open the world of opportunities.


What Global Step Academy Can Do For You

  1. teacher around world
    1Private English Lessons With Teachers
    Around The World

    Your child will be able to learn and progress at their own pace, focusing on particular skills that they are interested in, and learn from highly qualified teachers from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and countries.

  2. toword native speaker
    2Effective Curriculum

    All courses at GSA are developed by our academic team, made up of professional educators with years of educational experience. With our English Language Arts program based on the US Common Core, known as the most effective standards by schools across the United States and countries around the world, students will focus on strengthening their 4 core skills and critical thinking.

  3. many courses
    3 Courses For A Brighter Future

    In addition to English Language Arts courses, students can also take our Math Standard, Engineering, Programming, and Game-Based Learning courses, where they can learn essential skills required to succeed in our vastly growing modern world.

  4. every day English
    4English Exposure Every Day

    Beyond your GSA lessons, we support your learning with a variety of English language resources, including free live programs and a digital library, to help you enrich your learning experience every day.

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Our Lesson Focus

Build Your Core Skills

Based on our principle that a student must spend approximately 2,000 hours of English learning to acquire fluency, GSA provides various courses and programs to help achieve it. We focus on the 4 core skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. We provide a step by step learning path to establish a solid foundation of English for our students.

  • Listening

    Learn the sounds of English from GSA teachers, just as children learn Japanese from their family and friends. Lessons with multinational teachers will expose students to various practical English expressions of native English speakers.

  • Reading

    Learning phonics enables students to build their reading foundation. Through reading, students will deepen their understanding of broader subjects. We teach reading comprehension skills through lessons to enhance critical thinking.

  • Speaking

    Students will learn to express themselves and communicate, relay their opinions, discuss in English, and develop overall English skills that will allow them to expand their communication and global outreach.

  • Writing

    Students will learn the basic three steps of composition writing: drafting, writing, and editing to understand different forms, such as paragraph writing and essay writing in various writing styles.


How To Take Your Lessons

  1. STEP1
    STEP1Interactive Lessons

    Following the lesson goals and take an intensive 25-minute lesson with a teacher of your choice!

  2. STEP2
    STEP2Comprehension Check

    A GSA teacher will check and assess your child’s understanding in each lesson.

  3. STEP3
    STEP3Reviewing Lessons

    Review what your child has learned in the lesson with homework.

  4. STEP4
    STEP4Moving Through The Units

    After completing each unit your child will continue to the next unit to continue building their English fluency.

※The above is a typical example of how your English lessons would flow. It will vary depending on your child’s level and courses they take.

Lesson Preview


Manage Your Child’s Learning With The Dashboard

GSA's dedicated student dashboard shows your child's progress, live program schedule, all Missions and Challenges, and their total study time. Here you will find a quick overview of how your child is progressing by entering the trajectory of your child's English learning efforts, as well as what your child has been working on outside of GSA.

Manage Your Learning Progress

At Global Step Academy, we assign your child's levels in divisions, based on the amount of time they spend learning English. The dashboard shows you how your child has spent his or her time learning by day, week, or month, and also shows you when your child has done more work compared to the other days. You will be able to look over when, where and what your child is doing and where he or she experiences the most engagement in terms of learning style.

Missions And Challenges

With our Missions and Challenges focused on core English foundation, you will be able to practice using various skills while at the same time having fun and gaining valuable English exposure. Students can sign up for our weekly email that delivers recommended Challenges of the week, along with highlighted upcoming live programs, our recommendations for further English exposure, and more. Whether it’s phonics, basic grammar, science experiments, or traveling the world, all students at GSA have access to our exciting, competitive, and academic Challenges.


Rookie Program - For Children Learning English For The Very First Time

Global Step Academy offers a variety of programs and courses for students with all levels of English, from beginners with no previous English exposure to those with some prior English learning experience. All courses incorporate globally acknowledged curriculum and textbooks, allowing students to steadily learn English and strive to gain native-like English skills.

Rookie Program Built For Beginner English Learners

The Rookie program consists of following the ELA Standard course which uses a course book that contains visual contents by National Geographic Learning, along with our Phonics Bootcamp course, accompanied with a variety of free learning resources. This special program is designed to give your child a solid foundation to build and achieve the first 100 hours of English language learning without the hassle of choosing what to do to start your English learning journey.

Characteristics of Rookie Program

1Comprehensive English Learning Plan For Beginners

The Rookie program is designed to help your child start learning English smoothly and comfortably with a variety of one-on-one lessons and day-to-day English activities. You can book one lesson at a time on days of your choice so that your child can learn at his or her own pace.

©2014 National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning

2Globally Acknowledged Curriculum

At the start of your Rookie program, you will receive a copy of the Our World textbook from National Geographic Learning to support their English development. Students will learn age-appropriate topics to help them develop a holistic view of the world.

3English Every Day With Our Missions & Challenges

Gain access to free programs and daily activities that are exclusive to GSA students, such as Story Time Live where teachers read English story books to students. Students will also follow a mission-based study plan and complete our challenges while having fun in English.

ELA Standard Course Book Oriented Lessons For English Beginners

Our ELA Standard course is based on the Our World textbook from National Geographic Learning. It is designed to comprehensively reinforce reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar skills. Students will learn to think and express themselves in English by starting to use English as their communication tool.

≫More Details≪

ELA Advanced Common Core Lessons For Intermediate To Advanced Learners

The ELA Advanced course is based on the US Common Core curriculum, the most effective and highly standardized curriculum used throughout the United States and international English schools. Our ELA Advanced course is designed for students who wish to attend international schools, study abroad, or simply want to improve their English skills by reinforcing their reading comprehension skills.

≫More Details≪

Our Content-Based Courses


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  3. STEP3
    Take Your First Lesson

    When it is time to take your first
    lesson, log in to your GSA
    student account to begin.

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What Customers Are Saying

  • 親子共に苦なく続けられる

    ★★★★★ (5/5)



  • フォロー体制が充実!リアルイベントも決め手になりました

    ★★★★★ (5/5)



    絵本を英語で話読んであげたり、英語の歌を歌ってあげたりしてはいましたが、どれだけ頑張って親が教えても、私たち自身は流暢に会話できるほうではないので、不安でした。でも、Global Step Academy自習する際のレベルにあった教材も用意してもらえるので、有り難かったです。

    カリキュラムやレベル設定もしっかりしていて、英会話だけでなく、年齢が上がるのに合わせてリーディングやライティング面のフォローをしてくれます。 理解度の確認と、学習内容の軌道修正も逐一してもらえるので助かっています。

  • 独自カリキュラムが充実!4技能をバランスよく習得

    ★★★★★ (5/5)

    オンラインレッスンは自宅でリーズナブルにレッスンが受けられるので自分たちのライフスタイルにとても合っていると思いました。 その中でも、カリキュラムがとてもしっかりしていて、英語で色々なことが学べるGSAは魅力的で、実際にレッスンを体験してみて先生のスキルとユニークさに娘もひきつけられていたので、レッスンをスタートさせました。

    学習スケジュールがきちんとしており、独自のカリキュラムがあるのがとても良いです。オンラインでこれだけの独自カリキュラムを備えているところは珍しいと思います。 あとは、講師は全員ネイティブなので、正しい発音を練習できます。



  • 無料体験が1ヶ月と太っ腹です。

    ★★★★★ (5/5)



  • 親子共に苦なく続けられる

    ★★★★★ (5/5)




Our Monthly Tuition Plans

Light Plan
Monthly fee : $120 USDwith tax
25-minute × 5 times*  
You will
Standard Plan
Monthly fee : $170 USDwith tax
25-minute × 8 times*or50-minute × 4 times*
Gold Plan
Monthly fee : $350 USDwith tax
25-minute × 20 times*or50-minute × 10 times*
Platinum Plan
Monthly fee : $465 USDwith tax
25-minute × 30 times*or50-minute × 15 times*

*The above lesson frequencies are based on our ELA courses (ELA Standard and ELA Advanced). For more details, please click here.

Additional lessons can be purchased per 25-minute lesson prices: 1,960 yen (w/o tax).

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