1. Placement

2. Course contents

3. Our price plans

4. How to change / add course

5. AddOn

1. Placement

Prior to beginning courses, your child will be required to take a simple questionnaire which must be submitted at the time of enrollment. This questionnaire will evaluate your child’s current English skills and determine where your child should continue their English education.

*If the designated lesson level does not meet your child’s needs, please contact the Student Relations (0120-523-263, [email protected]).

2. Course contents

Core curriculum

Our ELA Standard and ELA Advanced courses are the core curriculum of GSA. It is highly recommended that students take one of the ELA courses as their main lessons in order to build their core English skills.

Course Skills which you can strengthen Appropriate age Coin
ELA Standard Speaking
3 yeas old + 100 coins/25 mins
ELA Advanced Reading
4 years old + 100 coins/25 mins
200 coins/50 mins

ELA Standard course

Our ELA Standard course focuses on enhancing various English skills, including reading, vocabulary, and grammar, using course books provided by National Geographic. Your child will build critical thinking skills, learn self expression, and develop the foundation of basic English skills.

Please refer here for details.

ELA Advanced course

Our ELA Advanced course offers lessons based on the US common core, which is considered the most efficient and standardized curriculum used throughout the US. Your child will continue broadening their current skills by learning more complex ideas, vocabulary, and more. Your child will be able to continue broadening their current skills and learning more complex ideas, vocabulary, and more. This course is recommended for students who are serious about developing a solid English foundation and wish to carry their English abilities into their future, such as studying abroad, living in a different country, or achieve specific career goals.

Please refer here for details.

Other courses available at Global Step Academy

Students will be able to apply for our other courses; please note that these courses include specific age and English level requirements.

To get more information about a specific course, please contact our Student Relations team.

*For details how to change course, please refer to 4. How to change / add course.

Course Minimum Age Level Division / Study hour Coin Details
English Every Day All age St:K-1-1 Rookie/0hr~ Free Detail
Phonics Bootcamp 3 St:K-1-1 Rookie/0hr~ 100 Detail
Story Time All age St:K-1-1 Rookie/0hr~ 50/100 Detail
Beginner English*3 3 St:K-1-1 Rookie/0hr~ 65 Detail
STEM Programming 6 St:1-4-1, Ad: K-6-1 Div4/300hr~ 240 Detail
STEM Engineering 6 St:1-4-1, Ad: K-6-1 Div4/300hr~ 240 Detail
Speaking and Listening Bootcamp 3 St:1-4-1, Ad: K-6-1 Div4/300hr~ 100 Detail
Math Standard 5 St:2-1-1, Ad: K-8-1 Div3/600hr~ 100 Detail
Game based Learning 6 St:2-1-1, Ad: K-8-1 Div3/600hr~ 120 Detail
Speaking Group by Grow Rich 6 St:2-1-1, Ad: K-8-1 Div3/600hr~ 60 Detail
Writing Bootcamp 8 Ad: 3-1-1 Div1/2400hr~ 200 Detail

3. Our price plans

GSA offers 4 price plans. The 2 weeks of the free trial starts with the Standard plan. Please note that when you take a lesson after completing your free trial, the Standard plan will automatically be applied, but you will be able to change to another plan if needed. If you wish to make changes, please fill out the form from the Course page or contact Student Relations (0120-523-263, [email protected]) at any time.

4. How to change / add course

Please see the steps below to add or change the courses you would like to take:

  1. Select School at the top of the student account page and click on Course
  2. Lists of lessons will appear. Click on Learn More of the lesson you want to add.
  3. Click on the Learn More button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Fill out the Application form and Submit.

* Please note that we may not be able to provide additional information depending on the student's age or current English level

5. AddOn-subscription

Oxford Reading Club

Global Step Academy students can use the Oxford Reading Club for 100 coins per month. The Oxford Reading Club is a reading program that allows you to digitally enjoy Oxford University Press's level-based leadership materials. By reading a book using the 5-step Reading program, you will be able to develop your listening, reading, speaking and overall comprehension skills. This program is recommended for those who are looking for effective reading materials.

To sign up, please click here.